Acoustic Engineering Services

Specializing in acoustics and system design for
high-end home theater, production, broadcast and recording studio applications

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Room acoustics significantly affect the sound quality of a recording studio. Performance Media Industries will design an acoustic environment that optimizes your monitoring system and ensures accurate translation to the outside world.

Benefits of good room acoustics:c control

  • Excellent articulation

  • Precise sound localization

  • Clean bass

  • Balanced tonal response

  • Enhanced dynamics

Advanced Engineering and Design Tools


PMI uses computer modeling and cutting edge engineering techniques to predict how a room will sound before it is actually built.

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PMI follows a well thought-out procedure in all of its design projects.

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The staff of PMI has years of experience in calibrating recording studios.

We can ensure that your monitoring system is tuned to optimal levels. We are certified by THX and ISF to perform the highest quality audio and video calibrations.

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