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October 2013 - CEDIA 2013 Press Release

October 2013 - Home Theater Geeks - Acoustics 102 with Anthony Grimani - Watch the Video

October 2013 - Home Theater Geeks - Acoustics 101 with Anthony Grimani - Watch the Video

September 2013 - AVS Forum - Anthony Grimani at CEDIA 2013 - Watch the Video

January 2013 - CE Pro Names Top 20 Most Influential People of 20 Years

September 2012 - AudioVisions Strengthens Team with Two-Day Technical Training from PMI Engineering

September 30, 2011 - PMI Appoints Manny LaCarrubba as Chief Engineer

May 23, 2011 - HARMAN JBL Synthesis® Launches Installer & Masters Certification Programs for Its ARCOS Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization System

September 23, 2010 - PMI Designs High-End Listening Stations for Magnolia Design Centers

September 21, 2010 - Anthony Grimani to teach at CEDIA 2010 in Atlanta

July 13, 2010 - Anthony Grimani to teach CEDIA Seminars in South America.
Anthony Grimani will be teaching a series of seminars on Home Cinema design in Argentina and Brazil. The day long seminars will train integrators in this fast growing part of the world how to design and install high performance sound and picture systems in private screening rooms. The seminar dates are August 11 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and August 13 and 14 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

For more information and to book a seat, please contact CEDIA (

June 29, 2010 - CEDIA announces Anthony Grimani as a 2010 inductee for its Fellows program.

October 20, 2009 - PMI just returned from an outstanding CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, GA. Activities included.
CinemaPlus live demo. PMI and Triad built a sound isolated room, complete with a ceiling flying from cables! Several attendees deemed the custom-engineered and sound isolated room “best sound at the show”!
PMI 2.0 live demo. PMI and Stewart Filmscreen provided a demo of PMI 2.0, the latest video display technology for home cinema.
• One of PMI’s projects won the CEDIA Lifestyle Award “Best Large Home Theater VII”.
• Anthony Grimani was honored with the “Top 10 Instructor” award for the first 20 years of CEDIA
• Anthony Grimani conducted several lectures on home theater design and home theater acoustics.
2010 promises to be an even better year for PMI!

February 10, 2008 - PMI designs acoustic environment for GRAMMY Awards broadcast mixing room.
The sound of the live bands at the Grammy awards was mixed in a space designed by PMI and outfitted with Dimension4 acoustic treatment modules from MSR, Inc. The acoustic system ensured that the mixing crews heard the 5.1 audio track just the way that viewers would hear it in their living rooms.
More info from the MSR website

January 8, 2008 - PMI and Triad announce partnership.
PMI and Triad are introducing three new home theater audio packages for customers desiring complete turnkey design + product solutions. Each package includes a fully engineered design, a set of loudspeakers appropriate for the room, and an acoustical treatment package that takes control of the speaker-room-listener interface. 

September  2007 - PMI wins two awards for best theater

A theater designed by PMI received two of CEDIA's coveted Electronic Lifestyle awards. PMI partnered with California-based integration company Future Home to implement the project. The awards were in the categories of "Best Large Home Theater Level VII" and "Best Overall Large Home Theater". Click here for more details

April  2006 - Anthony Grimani presented ISF Video calibration training in Paris France.
Anthony Grimani, President of PMI, conducted a two-day certification training on video set up and calibration to 25 attendees on April 19 and 20, 2006 in Paris. The lecture was the first one ever presented in French and counted towards certification for the world-renowned ISF calibrator status (imaging Science Foundation).

The ISF training covered topics such as colorimetry theory, video technologies and standards (NTSC, PAL, and HDTV), Video system design, and of course advanced video display calibration for Home Theaters, medical imaging, and other critical viewing environments. The session attendees will be listed on the ISF website once they successfully complete their certification test.

See for more information.

April 2003 - Custom Retailer magazine names Anthony Grimani one of the top 50 Most Vital Influencers in the custom A/V industry
In its first annual C-business 50 tribute, Custom Retailer magazine, a trade publication for professionals in the residential custom installation industry, identifies the people and companies that are making an active contribution to the overall vitality of the custom market. The honorees were selected through discussions with industry organizations like CEA, CEDIA, PARA, and MERA, as well as with the magazine's Editorial Advisory Board. Anthony Grimani is honored for his market-defining work at Dolby Labs, THX Ltd., and now at PMI, Ltd. Other individuals honored include illustrious names such as Yves Faroudja, Amar Bose, Eric Bodley, Tomlinson Holman, Jeff Hoover, Russ Herschelman, Joe Piccirilli, and Sam Runco to name but a few. For a closer look visit

March 2003 - Anthony Grimani presented research paper at Audio Engineering Society 114th Convention, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
March 22, 2003. Anthony Grimani presented a research paper reporting on the development and prototyping of a new form of bass absorber. Nicknamed The Springzorber, this new high efficiency, controlled bass absorber, reduces bass resonances from listening rooms to a degree unachieved by any conventional treatment method. Evan Reiley and Anthony Grimani developed the new device in response to an individual customer's need, and subsequently found that it yielded improved efficiency and reliability as compared to traditional bass absorption methods. Preprints of the paper are available from AES.

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