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Here are a number of papers on various topics of interest to home theater enthusiasts. Some of these are versions of articles published by PMI staff in various magazine.

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The following articles were published in Residential Systems magazine, a trade publication for the Audio-Video Custom Installation industry

Published Articles

PMI 2.0 Press release

PMI CEDIA Announcements

Home Theater Audio Standards
An overview of the sound system standards in production environments

Home Theater Video Standards
An overview of the video display standards in production environments

Acoustics of Practice Rooms
An introduction to sound isolation and echo control of music practice rooms

Acoustics in House of Worship
An introduction to acoustic issues of houses of worship for optimized speech clarity, musical ambience, and noise control

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Optical Illusions
Want to witness some astounding optical illusions? It's not just for fun; these illusions show why you want a neutral optical environment in a home theater if you're after reference-grade video display performance.


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